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Time Slip Dr Jin (1- 22 end) DVD  
Selling Price : RM99.90 (~approx. US$0.00) Malaysia
Availability: In Stock: Usually ships within 1 to 2 days
Product Weight: 300g
Starring: Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young, Kim Jae Joong, Lee Bum Soo, Lee So Yeon
Genre: Drama
Language: Japanese,Mandarin (Taiwan dubbed)
Subtitles: English, Malay & Traditional Chinese
Picture Format: NTSC & All Region code
No. of Disc: 5 (22 episodes)
Publisher: PMP Entertainment (M) Sdn. Bhd
Product Code: KDR-4726

Time Slip Dr Jin 仁醫 / 닥터 진 

Neurosurgeon Jin Hyuk (Song Seung-heon) may be a genius in the field, but his cold professionalism can also be seen as disregard for human life and emotion. After his girlfriend falls comatose, a strange force suddenly transports Jin back 150 years to Joseon times. There, he comes across a young woman (Park Min-young) who looks like his girlfriend, the warrior Kyung-tak (Kim Jae-joong) who is set on marrying her, an eccentric royal Ha-eung (Lee Beom-soo), and an endless parade of medical emergencies for Jin to solve. Using primitive tools and medicine to deal with everything from brain surgery to cholera outbreak, Jin gradually learn what it really means to be a doctor.

(宋承憲飾)醫術精湛,由他主理腦外科手術從未失手過,成功率高達百分之百,而他青梅竹馬的女友劉美娜(樸敏英飾)亦是一位實習醫生。一天,兩人大吵一架後,美娜在陳赫的眼前遭遇車禍,在絕望之中陳赫竟穿越回150年前的李氏朝鮮!陳赫憑著精湛的醫術拯救了許多古人的生命,因而結識了王室宗親李昰應(李范秀飾),但他想不到碰上了改變未來的人物,京城第一名妓春紅(李素妍飾)、最高武士金景卓(金在中飾), 以及與女友美娜的容貌幾乎一模一樣的洪英萊(朴敏英分飾)

Remark: **good/proper translated English subtitle