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Sunflower [MBC 1998] VCD  
Selling Price : RM72.00 (~approx. US$0.00)
RM43.20 (~approx. US$0.00)
Availability: Out of Print
Product Weight: 320g
Starring: Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Hee Sun, Han Jae Suk, Cha Tae Hyun
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese
Format: VCD
No. of Disc: 12 (16 episodes)
Publisher: PMP Entertainment (M) Sdn. Bhd
Product Code: KDR-2

Sunflower - MBC 1998

Sunflower [MBC 1998]
Starring: Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Hee Sun, Han Jae Suk, Cha Tae Hyun

In the hospital, the dramatic stage where life and death co-exist, doctors stand tall between human and divinity.

Sunflower is a tall plant in wishing to reach up to the sun. The title of this brand new drama series implies doctors who stands high desiring the power of divinity who deals with lives and deaths of human beings. But in reality, they are rooted firmly on the ground like sad sunflower. This is a gripping story of doctors... their love, hatred, success, failure and desire who inevitably struggle between their private lives and divine dreams.
The setting is in a University Hospital's Neurology Department. Nam-Joon is the chief of the team, Hyun-Woo, Hah-Kyung, Joon-Seoh are the medical specialists and
In-Chan, Sang-Do, Jae-Bong are training to be doctors. They, the neurologists are handling the brains thus not a tiny mistake is acceptable. Hah-Kyung, Hyun-Woo, and Joon-Seoh have studied and trained together for several years for the doctorship. Hah-Kyung is a courageous girl who has no fear for the hard and tough tasks of the neurology. She has loved Hyun-Woo, the son of a christian priest. They have loved each other but by a trivial misunderstanding she made up her mind on leaving him. They thought that they have forgotten each other until she comes back after several years to the same hospital he works at. Whenever they see each other they end up in quarrelling. They find each other too far and even their surgery styles are quite different. When carrying out a surgery, Hyun-Woo is cautious and rational whereas Hah-Kyung is emotional and volitional. They are different and they refuse to step back and accept each other's difference. Between them is Joon-Seoh, another college friend of theirs. He is rather irresolute but he has a belief in himself to become a capable doctor. He has a wife but as soon as he hears that Hah-Kyung has come back from abroad, he leaves his wife and starts a life on his own. But the good fortune never seems to be on his side. Because of the separation, he is miserable at home, and a patient who has been contaminated by a virus during the surgery is about to sue him.
Soo-Yeon is a girl in her 1st year training as a doctor. She has a man in her memory. Before the graduation, a man in blue mask had helped her when she blacked out while inspecting a surgery. That ;is why she has studied for the neurology. Actually it is Hyun-Woo who had helped her but she assumes that it might be In-Chan and tries to get close to him. In-Chan is also attracted to her kind gentleness when handling the patients. Soo-Yeon first gets to know In-Chan transferring a patient to the Neurology Department. Soo-Yeon, at first, thought that the patient's symptom might be a mere headache but it turns out to be a tumor growing in the brain. Hyun-Woo, seeing no hope, decides what he can do best for her is to make her ready to accept the death calmly. But Soo-Yeon wants to hang on to the every little hope left. Hyun-Woo does not like her being too emotional and Soo-Yeon thinks that he is too cold and cruel. Hah-Kyung volunteers for the surgery and opens her brain. But she sees that the tumor has already conquered the brain. Admitting that she was wrong, she has to re-close the brain, nothing done. Through all this misunderstanding and struggles, Soo-Yeon gradually learn what it is to become a doctor.
Hyun-Woo's father is a Christian priest and that is why Hyun-Woo decided to become a doctor in rebound. He does not understand his father's entrusting the issue of death to God alone. He knows that he can interfere with life and death of human beings as a doctor. His affection toward Hah-Kyung still remains in his heart but it is just that he does not know how to express it after all those years. And he sees another girl... Soo-Yeon. Soo-Yeon's purity and naiveness moves his heart every time he sees her. Hah-Kyung does not agree with Hyun-Woo's view at the world, but he still is her first love. She has thought that she pushed him out of her mind. But as Soo-Yeon appears between them, her heart is reunited.
Soo-Yeon also can not help being attracted to Hyun-Woo although thinking that he seems to be cold hearted. Her affection turns to love when she finally finds out that it is Hyun-Woo, not In-Chan, who has helped her many years ago.
One day, Hyun-Woo's elder brother comes in an ambulance broken down with the same illness that has killed their father. His brother has been following the same path his father has waked to becomes a priest. Hyun-Woo refuses to operate on him as his brother's wish. But Soo-Yeon constantly persuades him and he goes into the operating room where his brother is lying. During the operation, he comes close to understanding his father and brother's faith in God. He comes to realize that as God has to sanction a doctor, a doctor also has to sanction God. He admits the limitation in potency of a doctor as a human. But he will do his best within the limited power of what he has been given. To do this, he needs a help who will fulfill his less-perfect self and he asks Soo-Yeon to marry him.
Hyun-Woo and Soo-Yeon are away on a honeymoon and the hospital seems empty to lonely Hah-Kyung and In-Chan. But 'wasting away the time' is not theirs to spend. Soon the patients rush into the emergency room. Hyun-Woo and Soo-Yeon also return from the honeymoon earlier than the plan and another busy day in the hospital dawns.